Steve Veidor The 2nd    Steve Veidor The 2nd

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Relation of Legendary British Heavyweight Wrestler Steve Veidor

Am available for wrestling work

Trained with Elite Pro-Wrestling for nearly 7 years, rarely missing a session

Good at British and American styles

Cheap to hire


For reference:Facebook (Alan Johnson Sheffield)

Rebel Pro-Wrestling Owner, Bob"Blondie" Barratt, has taken over training from Alan Johnson, every Sunday, 1pm to 330pm, ú7 per session, at The 393 Club, 393 Langsett Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield.

Rebel Pro-Wrestling training ended May 2016


Adam Kilby at Steel City School of Wrestling

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Steve Veidor

June 2017

Steve Veidor The 2nd


Elite Pro-Wrestling Roster



Steve Veidor The 2nd vs Andy Hogg, July 28th 2003ę



Steve Veidor The 2nd and Steve Veidor 2006



Stuart Knight and Steve Veidor 2009


Steve Veidor 2009


Steve Veidor 2013


Steve Veidor and Brian Goldbelt Maxine 2013


Alan Kilby 2018

Mike Trood son of Reg Trood 2013


Romany Riley 2007


Mel Stuart 2007


Ringo Rigby 2007




Mick McManus 2007


Skull Murphy 2015

Colin Joynson 2007

Bob Anthony and Colin Joynson 2009


Lenny Hurst 2013


Joe D'Orazio 2007


Joe D'Orazio and grandson 2013. Steve Veidor on the right in the background


Pete Roberts 2007



Alan Sergeant 2009


Johnny Saint 2009


Peter Zsacaks and Prince Kumali 2007


Roy St Clair 2007


Johhny Kidd 2007


Mal Sanders 2013


Doug Willliams 2007


Mark "Rollerball" Rocco 2006


Royale Rumble at 393 Club


Steve Veidor British Heavyweight Wrestler from Ellesmere Port



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